At Timber Joinery Perth we can fully finish your joinery before it comes out to site and is installed, this means the time on site is minimised and will result in a better finish.

When joinery is painted retrospectively to being installed or by a secondary contractor tolerances and margins that have been specifically set can be compromised and affect the operation of the joinery.

We think our timber products look stunning in their natural state but in some cases, particularly exteriors, a high-quality protective finish may be needed to safeguard the timber.

In such a case we can stain, varnish or paint the item to your specification. We’re able to offer you advice on the most appropriate product to use to ensure your timber remains in pristine condition.

Finishing Services Offered:

  • Oil based brush painting
  • Water based brush painting
  • Spray applied paints

  • 2 pac paints

  • Timber oil finishes

  • French polishing

  • Powder coating

  • White washing

  • Waxing

Examples Of Our Finishing Work

Why Timber Joinery Perth for Finishing Work?

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