If you want the full complement of custom-made joinery and fully glazed windows and doors, there’s no need to shop around. We offer the best when it comes to timber needs, but also have expertise in glazing gained from years of experience in the industry.

Over the years we have developed a solid reputation as a quality supply and install contractor. We have been involved in numerous projects including commercial and heritage buildings as well as residential property conversions.

Glass is an integral part of timber joinery and if handled incorrectly it can affect the performance and safety leading to a defective product. We like to recommend a Grade A safety glass for all applications regardless of its installation specifics, this gives us and our clients peace of mind that our products are as safe as possible.

Glass can be a big factor in the functionality of a window or door especially if retro fitted, the weight of the glass and timber combined needs to be carefully considered so the best outcome is achieved.

We also work alongside a preferred contractor who can supply you with custom leadlight arrangements as well as replica heritage glass and coloured glass.

For our typical glass we use Viridian, an industry leader

Glazing We Recommend:

  • 6.38mm clear laminate (Grade A safety)

  • 4mm Etech Low E (thermal)

  • 6.5mm Comfort Hush (thermal & acoustic)

  • Double glazed units (thermal & acoustic)

  • 10.38mm clear laminate (commercial)

  • Replica hand blown glass

  • Clear toughend

Examples Of Our Glazing Work

Why Timber Joinery Perth for Glass Fitting & Glazing?

Timber Joinery Perth tries to make safety the norm, we believe that all new windows and doors should be fitted with safety glass and try to keep our costs as low as possible to achieve this.

We have expert installers who understand modern glass and glazing requirements making it a smooth process.

Joinery that works, ensuring hardware and counterweight systems are all appropriately rated for the glass we will be installing.

End to end accountability, by choosing Timber Joinery Perth to glaze your joinery you have end to end accountability for your product, this means there will be no name blaming in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

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